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From replacement of cracked screens on Mac, iPhones to iPods and iPads, to a wider scope of repairs on motherboard issues.


Excellent service. Very satisfied with the service. My iPhone can now be used after suffering fatal damage.

Gerbert Oosterink


My iPad got a problem would not start. In less than three hours had returned to normal. Thank you!

Mirne Bessems

How to Take Care and Use iPhone & iPad

Caring for our personal gadgets is almost the same as taking care of our pets. The difference is we do not need to feed our gadgets every day, we just need to be diligent to clean and care for our gadgets regularly.

Here are some tips on caring for and using Iphone properly

Wash and clean your hands before using your gadget

This is done so that your gadget free of dust or dirt on your hands, make sure your hands are clean and dry condition.

Turning off 3G GPRS or Edge connections

Go to the menu Settings> General> Network> Cellular Data Network. In the field for the APN, Username and Password fill it with any word that can not be connected with the internet service and then restart the iPhone. 3G GPRS or Edge connection that is always on can drain data quota if you use the data connection services are limited.

Limiting Access File

You can set to restrict permissions on a file, such as music files. Parents can restrict access to the music files inappropriate seen or heard by children. Or you can also can turn off access to Youtube.

Go to the menu General> Restrictions ago Choose your Enable Restrictions and enter the password

Choosing a Domain Suffix Other Fast

When you're typing a web address in the address bar of the browser iPhone, you can press and hold on the keyboard to bring up other suffixes such as .net, .org, and others that you can choose to speed up typing in the address.

Taking Screenshot

Screenshot often necessary when you want to save the display. This can be done by hold the Home button and then press the Power / Sleep and iPhone screen will flash and the display screen when it is stored in an image file in the Camera Roll.

Hiding SMS Preview

When SMS Preview feature so when there is a new SMS notification will only be "New Text Message". Go to the menu General> Passcode Lock and enter a 4-digit password, then turn off the Show SMS Preview.

For new users / For New Users

Be careful if you first use apple devices that use the touch screen if pressed too hard because there is the possibility screen will crack, although the iPhone is already using a scratch-resistant screen but we should remain installing anti-scratch again to avoid something that is not possible.

Now, we'll be waiting for the new series iPhone 8.

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