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iPad Pro 2017 Models

Apple has this week a small version of the iPad Pro presented; the iPad Pro 9.7 inch. This model is added to the line-up, while the large iPad Pro and the iPad Air 2 in the range. What model is the best choice for you and what are the exact differences? Apple would plan in spring three new iPad Pro models. Will you find the large iPad Pro by 12.9 inches really far too sharply and goes you prefer an iPad in statue mini? Read a bit further.

7.9-inch iPad Pro mini

According to the Japanese Macotakara comes there will soon be an iPad Pro mini by 7.9 inches. This small model is in everything an iPad Pro: he is equipped with 4 speakers and a Smart Connector (which you probably a Twiggy to connect smart keyboard). Furthermore, the 7.9-inch iPad mini a 12-megapixel iSight camera, a True Tone-Flash, a True Tone-screen and the screen supports a wide color gamut.

10.1-inch iPad Pro

Since the first iPad, we are used to the format of 9.7 in. Possible grows the 9.7-inch iPad Pro – we currently call ‘ little often still the iPad Pro – next year to 10.1 in. However, this assumption collides with a rumor that this summer served and in which there was a 10.5-inch iPad.

Renewed 12.9-inch iPad Pro

It is now a year since the first iPad Pro was introduced. This overgrown iPad Pro this spring got a smaller brother, and who surpassed him in some ways. Also may need to give the big iPad Pro next year this better specification: a wider color gamut, a True Tone-display, and a more robust camera.

And the headphone jack?

Taken from this website that now Apple the regular earphone socket on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, you’d expect something like that also is going to happen on the iPad. But according to Macotakara you do not have to worry and the connection to all iPad Pro models just keep it. It is not yet clear whether the new iPad Pros just like the latest iPhone a pressure sensitive Home button.

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