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You are passionate about video games but can’t remember all the arrivals of the best Nintendo Switch Games List output for the next few weeks? Don’t worry, because we’ve thought of everything. Here’s our reference page on the best upcoming titles for Nintendo Switch. The page is continually being updated, so you can always find the game you are looking for.

Given the many mysteries related to Nintendo hardware Switch, you could think that the presentation today would have focused almost exclusively on this aspect of the console. Instead, there was room for a significant amount of games. Mind you, there’s some gimmick, as demonstrated by the first part of the conference dedicated to the concept of portability and especially of Joy-With the new modular controllers that allow different uses thanks to motion-sensing and such, but the offer software looked substantial and dedicated to various types of players.

The departure was a little misled, those 1-2-Switch presentations (especially) and (to a lesser extent) Arms that seemed to presage a new fair of mini-games and more or less casual games, but the rest was all focused on products for traditional gamers evidently.

Are not clearly Spurn new demographic that Nintendo wants to look again, in a revival of the spirit Wii that seems to reveal some features of Switch, but not at the cost of removing space to those who search the House in Kyoto its classic titles and his commitment to offering traditional play. Rather balanced also appears to be the origin of the games regarding geography and stylistic, with Japanese productions dominate the scene. But also a commitment declared by publisher and dominant team in the West, led to the presentation of The Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim and declarations of support from Electronic Arts with its sports titles, starting from FIFA.

In short, while this is a one-hour presentation, Nintendo has managed to mix a good amount of different ideas, and if you were to keep this eclecticism would probably have got a great formula for success of Switch. This is a blend of casual games focused on the particularities of Joy-With and portability of your console and traditional games coming in a proportionate manner, both from the East and from the West.

Below you will find Nintendo Switch and the games coming out in the next few weeks. For your convenience, the selection is broken down by month, listing for each game the information base with the release date, the link to pre-order, reference to any reviews or tests done, a brief description of the title and a handy box where you can make faster purchasing your favorite game. In particular reference to the new console of large N, the initial lineup after the recent launch is spread throughout the year. This means that not all months are going to be provided for one or more outputs, but in this selection, you will, however, find all titles currently anticipated by the end of the year, even without a precise launch date. Finally, the list of games Nintendo Switch output includes all the titles that will be released in physical format, referring possibly to a second article in the future as regards licenses issued solely in digital.

In an entirely open world, with LEGO City Undercover accompany the undercover COP Chase McCain in an attempt to capture the dangerous criminal fleeing Rex Fury. Between humorous scenes, entertaining mini-games and a LEGO City to be explored, this title is sure to entertain players of all ages.

Imagine receiving a console preview. You are one of the very few in the world to have had it, the scraps, the light and then you realize a problem: you don’t have a game to play.

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