Nintendo NX Announcement Date

Update: Finally, Nintendo released Switch as their games console name. You can read here

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It is the world’s largest video game companies by net worth. Nintendo has developed multiple video games consoles and multiple portables for use with external media, as well as dedicated consoles and other hardware for their consoles. Nintendo relegate into the third place in the international market after the launch of PlayStation 2 in 2000 and Microsoft’s Xbox in 2001. Until then Nintendo introduced the first successful handheld device with a touch screen (DS) and the first successful console design for motion controlled input that is called the Wii. After that Nintendo became the first major company to release a handheld game console with stereoscopic 3D capabilities, with the 3DS, which is successful since its release date.

Fortunately, Nintendo is now working on new console which is announced in the last in April 2016. Based on the official announcement from Nintendo, the new game console which is in the progress is under the codenamed NX. Nintendo NX, in accordance of several official statement of Nintendo is designed to be a very brand-new concept. This was the company statement to the public remembering that the last released console, Wii U, was not successful as expected. There are so many rumors about what the Nintendo NX will be. For sure, not all rumors are confirmed officially. Nintendo wants to keep the mystery of Nintendo NX until its release date. Based on the announcement given by Nintendo, the release date of Nintendo NX console will be in March 2017. So far, the company hasn’t announced the certain date and every detail for the launch date.

Although the company hasn’t announced the certain date for launching the upcoming Nintendo NX console, but soon or later they will announce it. Whenever they are ready with this information, we are also ready to share what we know about it to all readers.