Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: All The Rumors

Samsung has just presented a new processor for mobile devices, the Exynos 8895. However, announcing it through a tweet has published a rather suspicious image of a mobile. Is this the Galaxy Note 8? Everything seems to indicate yes.

The end of the summer could bring a lot of changes to the mobile phone market. Before the end of September, we expected to know the features of the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, although everything seems to indicate that the presentation of both phones will not occur in close dates, with more than a month in between.

In principle, both devices would see the light after the summer, though it may not eventually be so. For some reason, Samsung would have decided to advance the launch date of Galaxy Note 8, which together with the alleged delays in the iPhone 8 would shake Apple.

It is not very often that a company like Samsung confirms the existence of a new phone, even by name, but difficult times forced to make final decisions. After being compelled to get rid of all the production of note seven following two battery failures, Samsung has decided to reveal some details.

1. Samsung’s head of mobile devices, DJ Koh, confirmed to CNET that the phone will be released as part of the annual note cycle and will be called Note 8.

2. The new note will be subjected to the new Samsung Battery Test, which the company implemented as part of new test measures after discovering failures in the tests that led to the problems of note 7. In fact, the next Galaxy S8 phone and all the other phones that Samsung take out in the future will also be subjected to this test.

3. The Galaxy Note 8 should not be confused with the Samsung Galaxy S8, a different phone that is expected to go on the market in March or April.

Sources close to Samsung are quoted, and the Korea company has already announced the date of the keynote of note 8: August 23. In this way, it would advance not only Apple but also the IFA technology fair in Berlin, which would be available on a large scale this phablet.

The point is that if the Koreans do well the strategy could be a hard blow for Apple. The iPhone 8 already goes to a trailer of the Galaxy S8, a mobile very well received by the critic, and with reason. If the note 8 reaps the same accolades, there would already be two smartphones well positioned on the market before we even know the features of the new Apple phone.

The Galaxy Note 8 will be the next jewel in the Samsung crown, and so far have leaked some fascinating details about its design and technical features. For example, it is expected to be larger than the Galaxy S8, and its screen is curved on both sides, as well as a better stylus pen.

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